Update Before Houston

I’m now at Melanie’s house. She is in the process of moving to another apartment. Bigger, this is so she has room for us. I’m all excited for her move. Yesterday we picked out the colors for the walls and we are having good ideas for her windows and so on. I wish that i took my sewing machine so i can make her new curtains and drapes.

She is getting her floor plan together for me to do the decoration in her house. I’m so happy she likes my ideas. Today we do some measuring of space and so on.

Tomorrow we do some shopping for new couch and furniture. She took Friday, Monday and Tuesday of so we have a long weekend to shop.

I took Abby our dog to her house and with Melanie’s 2 cats she is doing real good. Melanie locked the cats in the living room last night. They are so bad that after 23:00 they keep her awake. They go in front of her bedroom door and cry for her.

She told me today to keep them awake during the day so she will have a good night sleep….

Twice a week I have to use mistle extract shot in my belly. I called today the airlines to see if i can bring it along on the plane to Houston. It was no problem with a doctor’s note. And also my Miltex. So I have my needles and all with me I’m glad for that. I will pack some of my vitamins in my suitcase.

I have more cording in my right arm now and need physiotherapy soon so it want be like my left arm. I will also have to use my sleeves on both arms now. It will keep me nice and warm in Houston. I also notice some pain in my left leg from the lymph nodes there and wonder if i can get cording in the leg. I hope not but i will keep walking.

I still have the nodules on my skin, it got better with the hypothermia but i have a feeling i needed to stay longer for that. I also got nodules in my neck now and that is making me not happy. Every time i apply Miltex to the skin my skin gets very dry and wrinkly it looks like elephant skin also very dark. Over time it will disappear.

Every morning before i get out of bed i give myself Reiki and also visualize that I’m all healthy again. I keep telling myself that I’m healthy.

People around me keep telling me that i look good so it is working.

Melanie and I are going to see my parents on Tuesday. 2,5 hours’ drive one way. We also have to bring Abby to my dad so he can take care of her while we are gone.

Paul is coming next week to Amsterdam. Then on the 7th we will go to Houston together.

If everything goes good then we will see Christopher soon in Lebanon for Christmas.

I also want to thank you all for your support and prayers.

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