Sugar and Carbs

Got my first treatment today from 10:00-16:30. They used my port and also took some blood to check for TKTL1 gene. I now get lots of vitamins and I have to change my diet. Sugar and  carbs will make cancer cells grow. I get my new cookbooks tomorrow and will start cooking new kinds of foods: Alexia here I come that is an exercise place in Norway. I have to go 3 times a week. That will also kill bad cells.

I got turmeric ( Curry) pills but you can also drink that everyday.

Omega 3.  3 x daily

Vitamin D

Selen (Natriumselenit) 1x

Quercetin 500mg 3x daily

Nachtlkertzen-Borretscholkaps. 3x 1 daily

I also get Tauroline infuse everyday.

And my drops of Miltex for my skin that I have to apply everyday.

I am going to be a new person with all new and good cells soon.


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