Skin Tumors

My flight was good and I was overweight as always but was very lucky not to have to pay. I sent Lord Ganesh ahead for my travel to be smooth. Here you can look if you like to know more about him.

I am now in Hannover (Hameln) and I got the drops MILTEX from the Doctor here. He also send me to another part of Germany were I can get this treatment you can see the link if you like.

A surface hyperthermia with water-cooled infrared radiation is used to heal skin tumors, those at the surface or tightly below. The therapy is applicable mainly on infected lymph nodes, skin metastases, melanoma, or relapses in the surgical field especially in blood cancer.

I can have this done here or in Frankfurt but I ask him if I could go close to Aachen so I am close to my parents and can stay with them. So they arrange for me to go to Bochum and see the Professor.

Paul and I are driving tomorrow and see what they will do with me. I keep you all informed later this week.

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