Skin Graft

This has been a great two months of staying home for me. Although I have some more skin cancer showing.

I also got my results back today from Yesterdays CT Scan and it is not good.

I now have a small nodule on the lungs and liver. Now they want to do a CT PET scan but I have to go to Bergen for that. About 4 hours drive from Stavanger. He ask me if I wanted to go there and I said yes. He then said that he will talk to the surgeon and make the appointment and will call me back. Well haven’t received a call back. I will have this done in Germany now. There is no sense of urgency in Norway. Everyone needs to wait!!

I also have swollen lymph nodes on the left side in the groin area and one is 2.5 cm. I thought it was from my skin graft on the side of my leg because that hasn’t healed yet. I went to see my oncologist last month for this and he sent me to see a plastic surgeon. I finally saw him today for this but he referred me to another surgeon. I thought he would do a biopsy on the lymph node but he says it needs to be done with a fine needle. I then ask him how long this will take, he said he didn’t know and it is Friday. I got there at 9 am. so I will have this also done in Germany. `

Paul and I are leaving Wednesday. We are driving so we can take our Abby and leave her at my dads while I get treated in Germany.

I called with my Dr in Germany and told him about my worries and he said that he will arrange all the appointments for me and that I will have to stay longer in Germany and that he will also get me tested for which chemo is going to work for me and so on. I hope that this is going to work fast.

I also called MD Anderson and they want all the test results faxed to them.

I have all my appointments for November now. But if things get worst then I will have to be in Houston sooner.

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