Red Skin

Hi everyone. Well where to start. After my surgery I had a red area under the surgical area and thought, OK, must be part of the healing process. But after a couple weeks, it started to have some bumps. So I went to see the oncologists about my port and the bumps (kind of like pimple size). He said I should keep the port in for a few more months as it doesn’t hurt. I only needed to get it flushed every month. OK. Then I showed him my red skin with the bumps and he looked concerned. He called another oncologist for his opinion and after looking, he says this doesn’t look good. So I was scheduled for a biopsy.

The results were that the cancer is still there and it looks like its spreading some more. So Paul booked another flight to Houston for me so I can be there on Monday. Paul will arrange to come later. Our friends Mary and Michael will pick me up at the airport and Mary will stay with me during my treatments. This will give Paul some time to take care of business on his end as well.

I thought they got it all out of me. That’s what they said. So I don’t understand why its back so quickly. My next appointment with the oncologist is on Friday so I will ask. We called the scheduler for my doctor to let her know we needed a re-staging done. This is where they do all the tests like from the start to see where the cancer is and to what degree. When we talked to her, her customer service skills were terrible. she says, well I cant do anything without the doctors orders, kind of rudely in my opinion. As of today no appointments are made. I guess we will see when the appts are made.

I hope to keep everyone informed as time goes on and please pray for me. thank you and love you all xxxxx

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