April RIP Cynthia

While we were in Houston we met several people who had cancer. Most are still alive, some died while we were there. The only treatment options available for Cynthia were clinical trials. The cancer was spreading too fast in her skin. As far as we know, no organs were infected. In Feb she told the doctor she wanted to go home. She knew nothing could be done and she was afraid she would die there without family around. We came home March 26th. We had her last Easter of which most of it was upstairs for her. By that time we already had a medical bed and other accessories she needed. Also the Palliative team were coming for regular visits. April 25th I had to call the ambulance. She had so much pain. They took her and she never came home. On 30 April at 2100 hrs, she died. Everyone was there even our best friends. This album shows her urn with ashes and the GPS coordinates of where we spread them.