Already Saturday. When I started I was thinking 3 weeks. But now time is going fast, I finish one week allready.two more to go.

The treatment is going very well. I get it everyday and with the diet I feel like i am missing something sometimes. Two times I got palpitations and then I thought oh this must be the good coffee that they have here. Then I remember I always drink tea for that reason. DUH silly me.Slap slap. Sometimes I feel nausea aswell.The Miltex is doing it’s job my skin looks some what clearer. I am here in Bochum in the middle of the center and I walk to the Dr office and then Annemie and I go shopping on the way home. Everything is so nice here ( we like it here) The apartment owner is from Belarus, he is an artist at  Bella Italia. His name is Rustan Sodikov. It’s a dinner show. He is coming by to give me tickets. Who knows front row….The weather is great here lots of sunshine. My friend is drinking a glass of wine and I am on the omega 3 drink Mmm.   Thanks for writing me on my blog and emails. have a great weekend. Hugs from Germany XXX

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