Pain in Right Foot

I made it thru the weekend fine and can now eat more.
Monday morning I woke up with lots of pain in my right foot. The side of my big toe. At first I thought that I hit my toe on something and it was all red and swollen. I couldn’t stand on my foot.

I ask the Dr to look at it and she thought it’s gout ( Jicht ) I┬áhad blood taken and xray done of my foot. She thinks it’s from me having diarrhea for so long and not drinking enough fluids. I got some medication from her and have to see her again on Wednesday and then she want to use a needle to take a sample of the fluid of the toe. My foot got real swollen and is very hot. I want to be normal again..

Paul is also not feeling good he can bearly walk from his sciatic nerv that is giving him a problem. He is getting DR help. (Ischiatic )

I’m telling you we look like a bunch of cripples here. I know it will pass.
I like to write more nice things but this is what is going on at the moment with us here in Houston TX. Paul pushes me in a wheelchair when we get to the hospital and I hold his bag on my lap and of he goes hop along and pushes me..
The weather here is getting colder we get some freezing and by friday we might get some snow. I know, TX how can this be.


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