Miltex and the Hypothymia

Back in Norway, HOME SWEET HOME.

Last Wednesday was my last treatment in Bochum Germany. Everything is looking great, the Miltex and the Hypothymia did it’s work. I have to be back in August for follow ups. I leave Norway on the 27 th and be back in Bochum on the 29th Aug. The will have to see me and then they will determent if i have to stay 2 weeks or shorter. They want me to send pictures to them ones a month.

Dr Sahinbas said if there is something in the bones or were ever and they say we can’t help you he wants me to call him anytime. He said that they will target the tumor in the bones or liver directly and it wont have the side affects like killing your good cells. This is very nice to know. I saw people from Australia, Greece, The Netherlands and also children with brain tumors and they are doing fine.

I now can get rid of my allergies by eating the right kinds of food with the right kinds of bacteria for my intestine. I let you know over time how that all goes.

Elaine Mitchell Thank you for your support to me. Diana I can get Stevia here from the web sight. I just order seeds to see if i can grow it. Thanks again everyone for your kind words.


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