Lymphoma and Skin Cancer

Yesterday I got my CT PET scan. It shows that I got swollen lymph nodes in my axillary left and right and also in my left groin. I also got infected lymph nodes in my thorax area. In other words I have lymphoma and skin cancer. Good thing my lungs, liver and bones are fine.

This sounds very bad but I am convinced that I will beat this one.
Today I went to another hospital here in Bochum to get my port checked. It is infected and they will remove it tomorrow morning at 6:45. the professor came and looked at me and told me that he wants to do the surgery.
They will put in a new port on Monday. The professor said that they do it much different then Norway. he will go under my collarbone. So the tube in my neck is going to be gone.

I will also get my nodules on my back removed for testing. They will send it to Heidelberg for sensitivity testing. I hope that they will find the right cure for me. In the mean time they will continue with Hypothermia and taurolidin.
They treat me for one hour on my back, one hour in the front and one hour on the groin area.
Today I didn’t get Bio chemo because of the port.
My mother is here with me and we have lots of laughs together.

Monday when I got to the practice It was very busy with lots of sick people. I had to wait to see the doctor. I then got my treatments.
Tuesday I ask him if he already made my appointments for the PET scan and so on, he then said I will do this later. He then respond that he is very busy with sick patients and will get to it later. I then got so upset with him and told him that I wasn’t happy with him and that I am also a sick patient but not showing and need help. He then walked away and I got so upset that I thought that all the doctors are the same. Especially like in Norway wait and wait. So then he came back to me and talked. I told him that I was very sad in what he is doing to me and that I will go to the states if he doesn’t make me an appointment now for the Pet scan.

It was so amazing that I got a next day appointment. That is what he told me from the beginning that he can arrange it quickly but I didn’t trust the system. I was disappointed by the Norwegian system. But I must say Germany is great and they really can get you in in less then 24 hours. The Doctor now is so friendly with me and my mother that I must laugh at him sometimes. We now have good understanding together again.

He was also over worked this week and I told him to take a step back, I said you can’t save the whole world. I said I need you too. He agreed and today he was much more relaxed.

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