We arrived in Amsterdam on Tuesday morning and stayed with Melanie until this past Friday. Paul arranged some friends to come and see me. It was really nice he did that. I dont think I could of visited them. Still a little weak. Although I felt better. Not sure how to describe it. Not sick from the chemo.

On Friday we went to my parents house. Saw a good friend Annemie and her friend, Jan. My sister and her boyfriend and Onida also came to visit. My sister was also there with Onida when we took off for our drive to Hirsthals Denmark.

It was sad to leave everyone.

It was such a long drive. The itching never stopped. Poor Paul, he rubbed my back when he could, which was quite a bit of the time. Traffic was good all the way up.

We are now in the Skaga hotel packing up so we can head to the ferry. The pain I usually have is now getting worse as well as the itching. Its now on the right side. This morning the skin even looks worse. It is spreading. I hope to get some good medicine to control is in Norway.

I have a doctor appointment on Wed at 2pm I think with the oncologist. Will see when we get there.
I will or Paul will write later.

Thanks everyone for your prayers and please keep them coming my way!!


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