30Apr’12 Last Day

After Cynthia died, I asked the nurses who cleaned her to let me take pictures of her cancer before they dressed her. She wanted people to see what it did to her. It was terrible. I can not imagine the pain she was in. As you can see from the Spreading 3 pics to now, it was only about a month. We arrived home 26 March 2012 with an estimated 6 months to live. She died 30 April 2012. We have tried to understand why she had this disease. There is no breast cancer in the family and she doesn’t carry the BRCA genes. So why? She always ate pretty healthy and took vitamins. The only thing she can think of when asked, is she use to put cordless phones under her left bra strap when she talk to people. The strap held all cordless and mobile phones. It makes me wonder.

Warning : Explicit Contents