IBC, Not Typical Breast Cancer

This is Paul.

I just wanted everyone to know that Cynthia has stopped treatments in Houston. We are currently on our way back home to Norway. She has decided for now quality of life over misery and sickness. I could not say this before but now the family knows so its OK if others know this.

The trials she tried were either not working or it was making her very sick and weak. She was scared that if she became too weak and caught something like pneumonia, she would not be strong enough to fight it. That is what happened to our friend Mike, who was also getting chemo for leukemia. He got very weak, somehow got pneumonia and only lived for a couple days before he died.

She did not want that to happen to her there in the US with no family around her.

Also just so you know, this is not your typical breast cancer. This Inflammatory Breast Cancer. A very big difference especially in the symptoms. This is one of the rarest there is and hardest to treat because doctors dont know the signs. Its has already metastasized to her skin. Here is a link to better understand what that means:  http://www.nccn.com/component/content/article/54-cancer-basics/925-what-is-metastasized-cancer.html

Unless a miracle comes, there is nothing they can do. So we hope for the miracle. This is our best option for the moment.

I am sorry for this bad news. We tried and were hoping this would all work out for the best, but it didn’t. Now I can only concentrate on making her comfortable and with the family visiting that will also make her happy.

This is so hard to write. I am a little emotional so I will stop so I can post it.

Love to all,


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