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Mary my sister friend is home now and I miss her very much. I got to go to lunch with Terry from the IBC forum. She took me to a nice Italian restaurant and the funny thing is they had a room with the pope in the middle of the table. The food was very nice. I think it was all blessed. Then I met up with my friend Janet and Clarence at MD Anderson and she was getting her breast examined and she is fine. Thank you for that. We then went to my place so I could print out my ticket for tomorrow. And she liked the RV resort here very much. We went for dinner and we had a nice time, i am so stuffed right now.

Paul already left for Germany and i will see him at the airport. My flight is to Frankfurt, i have 45 min to catch the other flight to Hanover. You know me i hope that i make it. 😉 Jessica is coming to pick me up for breakfast in the morning and then she will take me to the airport. I will miss you all my Texas family and the great weather but I am also so happy to go back home.

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