Hope that you all had a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We wish you all the best for 2012 and may all your wishes come true.

At the moment we don’t have internet upstairs in our apartment. That makes me a bit lazy to update.

I am at the hospital getting my chemo at the moment. Free time to write.

About two weeks ago on Thursday they given me a catheter in my back to drain my lungs. I went back to the hospital on Friday cause I couldn’t breath or sleep. They gave me hydromorphone pills for the pain. I ask the doctor if that is normal to have so much pain. It was like someone kicks in the side and a constant nerve twitching inside. She said well this is normal to have some discomfort so I thought it will go away and what is discomfort. I didn’t sleep all weekend and Monday I went back to the pulmonary ward to have them take it out.

What a relief when they took it out. I could breath again. And most of all sleep again.

I got to see my doctor and he wanted to put me on antibiotic for my sinus and also for my drain that was taken away, making sure I don’t get an infection. Since he has to give me a shot every week to get my white blood cells count up.

I took one pill at night and went to bed. The next day I took another pill and notice that my body started to itch all over. By midnight I woke up Paul to get me some benadryl from the pharmacy.

In the morning at 7 am I took a shower and went straight to the emergency room. I couldn’t breath and itch all over, red bumps from head to toe.

They released me on Saturday the 24th.

We then went to friends to celebrate Christmas eve. We got to meet there families and had a good time.

Monday night we went to a play called Shen Yun.

Wednesday I got my chemo and I am fine. Now I am getting my second cycle phase two.

Friday I got my neupogen shot and rehabilitation at MDA.

Saturday we made a party here at the community room. Paul put up flyers asking everyone to participate if they like to bring there dinner and something extra if they like. We a had nice dinner with about 20 people that showed up for the event. And of course you know how that all goes to much food. Happy New Year….

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  1. Shawn Reynolds
    Mar 6, 2014

    I remember the dinner. The food was wonderful, but the company even better. Cynthia went to lay doen before the fireworks. I still have pictures of “the gang” that night. Sure do miss Cynthia…and you too Paul. As well as the rest of “the gang”.

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