Going Home, Continued

On Tuesday pulmonary drained her lungs. They took out about 750ml of liquid. It seems like it needs to be done about every 3 weeks now. I hope they know how to do this in Norway because it will be a regular occurance. An xray then the drain and xray to check if its empty. I think I better look for a private clinic. Not sure if I trust getting this done on a timely basis. Too much fluid in her lungs could cause pneumonia.

We are going home on Monday, or actually flying from Houston to the Netherlands. Stay a few days there then the drive back to Norway. I hope she can handle the trip ok. Its a long flight and unless we get lucky and get a business upgrade, she will have to sit the whole time. She normally needs to lay down to help control the pain. I have asked for a wheelchair on both ends.

That is all I have for now. Busy couple days ahead shipping things back and cleaning the apartment to turn in. Take care everyone.

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