Dry Skin Draft

Today is another great day. Chris and Paul went shopping and I’m relaxing here for tonight. We got free tickets to go to the rodeo tonight from Jim the owner of this resort. No I will not do any bull riding but will look on how it is done so I can give you instruction. I will take lots of pictures.
I’m feeling great and tomorrow I will see the doctors again and Friday so more good news. A step closer to going home.
The skin draft is all dry now. The drains are also going fine and soon to be taken out I think.
Paul is still having a cold sore throat and cough, Poor him I think now he is getting everything. Must be from all the tension from me. I have to pamper him now. But I told him, keep it, don’t share it with me….

Thank you Svea for walking Abby, she really love’s to walk. Soon we can walk together.( did you ski a lot and made snow angels.)

Written Mar 10, 2011 3:41am

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