Dinner at Pappadeaux

Here I go again just lost all my writing.
Saturday we went to Houston centrum and we also went to the Hilton Hotel and gone to the top 37 floor and there is a very nice restaurant were you can see all over Houston sky line.

We also done some shopping at Macy’s and there is also a shopping mall under ground, To bad it’s closed on weekends. I have to go back. People here in Houston shop there and there is everything you need all underground cause the weather in the summer is way to hot for the Houstonians. The weather is very nice here and we are enjoying the sunshine here.
Sunday we went to a flea market Sunny market it’s called. Well as you know I blend in very well, everyone was talking Spanish to me and I got good use of my Spanish this time. LOL
We took some radiation friends with us Billy and his wife Diane.
Later that evening we went for dinner at the Olive gardens.

Monday we spent half a day at the hospital and had a nice dinner at Pappadeaux. I had a Maine lobster yes all the way from Maine 2.5 pound of it and I ate it all. Mmm
We also had an alligator dish and it was very nice. Paul wanted to try something new. 😉
The manager came and talked to us and we got our dessert for free and she gave us the alligator dish the appetizer for free. What a deal. We like the place and we will go back for some more.
Tuesday we did some shopping and also ate out again.

Today we went to the Galleria Mall and bought some sweaters and then went home.
Paul cooked dinner pork chops and mash potatoes and Brussels sprout and salad. He is getting very good in cooking.

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