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Mary my sister friend is home now and I miss her very much. I got to go to lunch with Terry from the IBC forum. She took me to a nice Italian restaurant and the funny thing is they had a room with the pope in the middle of the table. The food was very nice. I think it was all blessed. Then I met up with my friend Janet and Clarence at MD Anderson and she was getting her breast examined and she is fine. Thank you for that. We then went to my place so I could print out my ticket for tomorrow. And she liked the RV resort here very much. We went for dinner and we had a nice time, i am so stuffed right now. Paul already left for Germany and i will see him at the airport. My flight is to Frankfurt, i have 45 min to catch the other flight to Hanover. You know me i hope...

Cream for Skin Cancer

I am still in Houston and going to Germany on Saturday. I have a direct flight to Hanover and meet Paul at the airport. I have an appointment on Tuesday and then we go home on Wednesday. I wanted to say that there is no spreading to any of my bones and organs so that is a good sign.There is spreading on the skin and that is why I need this cream for skin cancer caused by the IBC. Mary is taking very good care of me here in Houston. And I am very happy for all her family’s help. THANK YOU.


I now need to go back to Germany or the Netherlands for treatments that are called MILTEFOSINE. It’s a drop or cream like substance that will cure Cancer spreading on the skin from breast cancers. Here at MD Anderson they don’t have it. And in Europe some places they have and use it for 10 years. I just wrote to Daniel den Hoed in Rotterdam and hoping on a quick respond from them so I can see them. I will also call my friend Inga tomorrow to see if she can ask her sister in law the oncologist in Hanover if they have this medication for me. I also got the results back and there is no spreading and everything looks good. :-)) Written May 7, 2011 8:19am

Bone Scan Bottles

Howdy all, Tomorrow I have some testing done and hope all is fine. Time Appointments for 5/5/2011 9:45 AM BLOOD/SPECIMEN COLLECTION 10:30 AM CHEST, PA & LAT 12:00 PM BONE SCAN-DOSE 2:00 PM BONE SCAN-EXAM 3:40 PM CHECK-IN / PREP FOR CT EXAM 5:40 PM CT SCAN, CHEST/ABDOMEN/PELVIS Another long day but for the best. I also have to drink that contrast for the bone scan 2 bottles yuck yuck… I will talk to you on Friday and let you know the plan in...

Red Skin

Hi everyone. Well where to start. After my surgery I had a red area under the surgical area and thought, OK, must be part of the healing process. But after a couple weeks, it started to have some bumps. So I went to see the oncologists about my port and the bumps (kind of like pimple size). He said I should keep the port in for a few more months as it doesn’t hurt. I only needed to get it flushed every month. OK. Then I showed him my red skin with the bumps and he looked concerned. He called another oncologist for his opinion and after looking, he says this doesn’t look good. So I was scheduled for a biopsy. The results were that the cancer is still there and it looks like its spreading some more. So Paul booked another flight to Houston for me so I...

Left Hip

Visited Cynthia today in the hospital. Her left hip had the top bandage taken off today. Alot of blood came out, but it sits there anyway under the bandage and it basically just leaks out. Its coming from the skin grafts. So now there is a type of bandage that is covering the skin graft and as it dries up, we are suppose to trim away the dry part of the bandage. She is trying not to lay on it so it will dry up quicker but its uncomfortable to lay like that. Tomorrow they will remove the vac and tube that goes to the removed breast. If that looks alright they will release her tomorrow. So we will see. Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers. Its working.