IV for Fluids

Yesterday they put me on the IV for fluids. We were there for 4 hours or so. I still have diarrhea today and might have to go back tomorrow to the emergency room to get this under control. I don’t like to go there, but I don’t want to get to weak. I stay on the couch all day and sleep or pretend I sleep. Just the rest does me good. The weather is so nice here that I regret not being out there and enjoy the sun. Tomorrow we have a dinner with the gown Lady’s, they are the radiation friends. We always see each other in hospital gowns. Today Janice got done with radiation and she got to ring the bell. What a great moment. I go to bed now and hope to feel better tomorrow. I thank you all for the nice thoughts. Have a good weekend.

Cramping and Nausea

I saw Dr Ibrahim today and he said that everything is going fine. I have one more bone scan done on the 10 Feb. After the operation he can tell me his plan. I can’t wait. I still don’t feel good from the CT scan that was done over a week ago. I have a lot of cramping and nausea from it and also diarrhea. I ask the Dr if there was another way around it but he said, NO He said that the CT scan is all normal and I’m happy for that. The lungs are fine, liver and pelvic. Tonight is the last day for my Xeloda chemo pills. yeah HIEP PIEP HOERA!!!!!!

Double Mastectomy

I saw my surgeon Dr Babiera and I’m scheduled for 28 February for surgery. I also have to see a plastic surgeon for my mastectomy. I will also get my lymph nodes taken away on top of my chest and also on the left side going to my arm. The Dr said it’s a hard case with this type of cancer . Also they have to take a flap of my stomach to cover the breast area, I will be hospitalized for 5 days. After all, I finally get my tummy tuck. I have decided to have a double mastectomy done from the beginning when I was diagnosed . I’m confused now. I think that I will leave the other breast alone. My new friends I talk to every morning also said it’s a big decision to have both taken and to recover from surgery. With the surgery scheduled for 28 Feb, the...

Berry Flavor Drinks

This is a long day again. We got home at 17:30. I also had to take some drink for the CT scan and I chose berry flavor. While I got the scan they also injected me with some dye and my whole body got hot, that is normal though. Paul just cooked up a steak and salad. And now I will rest on the couch with my electric blanket. Have a great weekend for some a long one, Monday Martin Luther King day. I will sleep in.

Prep for CT Scan

Just got home from the hospital. Radiation a visit with the radiologists and acupuncture and rehab done. It is always a long day there. Tomorrow the same long day. Radiation, Prep for CT scan blood taking, port flush, and then the CT scan for my chest, abdomen, and pelvis. So we will be there from 9:00- 15:00 if they are on time. Here is my address: C Harrington 11991 S. Main street Houston, Texas 77025  

Radiation Place Meeting

Yesterday we had a very nice lunch with 16 people at the Hungry restaurant. We all meet at the radiation place in the morning so they become a little like a family to you. We all share experiences and cry together. When you get your last treatment of radiation then you can ring the bell and people take pictures that is so nice to hear the bell ringing in the morning. Another person done. Happiness for them and we all cry. Next week Wednesday we are going again to meet all the lady’s at the restaurant. Tomorrow a long day at the hospital and Friday more testing and CT scans. So far our bill is from Oct – Dec 150.000 dollars and I still need my operation. I’m glad that the insurance pick up the bill for 90% and hopefully Tricare picks up the other...