Big Syringe

Cynthia went to the hospital this past week on Wednesday to get her lung drained. She was admitted. First she was in quarantine because she had to be tested for MRSA bacteria. I guess here in Norway if you have been in any hospital outside of Norway, the test needs to be done.

Funny thing is, I was with her in the US at these hospitals and I was not tested.Anyway on Thursday afternoon the test was negative and they moved her to 1K, a part of the hospital where all cancer patients stay when there. On Friday at 1645 there took her to drain her lung. I was use to the equipment they used in MDA but in Norway they used a big syringe to drain her.

Something like a pull and push action on the syringe. Pull to pull liquid out, turn the valve so it can be pushed into a bag. Turn the valve to suck out, turn again to push into bag. Kind of old fashion after being at MDA. Anyway they drained 1000ml, left the drain in overnight and another 1300ml came out. So total 2300ml. Wow, MDA never got more than about 900 so it was time for her to get it done. She was very short of breath towards the drain.

She is feeling much better now. The breathing is much better. She still has some pain from the cancer and weak. She only wants to lay down but the medicine also makes her tired. When she had that period of shortness of breath I really thought she would not last very long. But now I think she will make it longer. Just need to watch the spreading now. Her other breast is also infected as we expected it would be, but it is very hard. I did not realize it would get so hard so fast with cancer.

Cancer stinks. It literally stinks. Recently she told me she stinks from the cancer. I said no you dont. She had me smell inside her shirt and it really did stink. Anyway the next day she took a shower and her skin came off where the sores are. No more stinky. The sores were infected or something. Once the skin fell off those areas, it didnt stink anymore. I see more sores forming where the cancer is. I guess it will happen to them too.

For now, she is breathing better, tired from the medication but able to talk good etc. I will update later as something changes.

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