BBQ Breast

Saturday we picked up Nancy and Diane to go to Pam’s and Walters house for a BBQ dinner. They live about 45 min from here and we got there around 15:00 and we all had such a great time and lots of food that we stayed untill 22:00.
Then we had to drive back home and our Tom Tom needed another update and we got a little lost. But we got home safe.
Thank you all for being there for me and the nice sing along Emily.
Elke I miss you and don’t be annoyed by the dentist. I come to rescue you soon.
Cindy I miss you too. I miss everyone.

I’m feeling better and better by the day. No more pills intake and I’m doing great. The weather here is very nice and sunny so we do some parks and museums. I can’t wait to get going again.
My friend Diana got to ring that bell today and my friend Nancy Wednesday and then they are going back home to Georgia and California. I will miss them.

I have some more testing at the hospital another bone scan, blood test ultra sound of the breast and I guess more testing and feeling of the breast. And who knows more pictures from the photographer, Yes my breast is famous.

Thursday I saw Dr Wendy Woodworth for the last time from the radiation oncology and she now has a new assistant and he was standing around and listening so I ask him if he would also like to touch my breast so he knows the feeling of my lump. So Dr Wendy said Oh YOU DON’T MIND. I said no my breast is famous now and I thought oh boy he is going to feel it now and poor Paul hasn’t been feeling them for months. I said to new Dr you can touch my BBQ breast, as now it’s dark and skin is coming off.
Got to take a shower and get going for the day. Love you all

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