Back in Norway

We arrived back in Norway on the 26th of March. On the 28th Cynthia had an appointment with the oncologist. He scheduled the palliative care unit to meet with Cynthia and he also gave us their telephone number so we can call them 24hrs a day whenever she needs help. He also gave her some other medicine to help with the burning feeling she has inside her body.

On the 29th we met with our house doctor. He scheduled a visit from the commune where we live to help us with a medical bed, wheelchair, toilet seat that sits higher with arm rails, and also a shower chair.

The lady came yesterday to look at the house and to tell us what we can get etc. This is all covered by the Norwegians. So its free. I pay into their health care anyway because I have to so thats why its free. Also that afternoon we met the palliative care team. They discussed her pain and how she is managing with it. They issued more medicines she needs to take and will also stop the US medications and stay with theirs. So far the medicines are helping. Sometime soon they will bring the bed and what we asked for.

We also asked for a nurse to come maybe twice a week, not now, but later if its needed. They said yes and its covered.

As far as Cynthia is feeling, its harder for her to get up from the bed or the couch etc because of the skin being so tight. It hurts her. The skin doesn’t stretch. The cancer is spreading on the skin in red patches now, with some nodules appearing.

Her left lung is getting full. Soon she will need to get it drained. I hope they are as good as in the US. They have to go through from the back and thats where the cancer is.

Her mom is here helping out. I will go back to work on the 10th after Easter. Saturday Melanie comes for a few days for Easter. We have an Indonesian dinner planned with some of our best friends on Easter day.

We hope the medicines will help her feel better. They seem to work. Later I will update more as anything changes.

Thanks for all the prayers and we love you all.

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