One of Our Friends Died Today

It has been a couple rough weeks. Cynthia is depressed, the chemo isn’t working, and now she talks about coming home and letting it take its course. She cries more now than before. This morning she cried in the shower because her skin is coming off, in the areas where the cancer is. She says she is falling apart. I tried to calm her by saying to her: imagine a sunburn and the skin is peeling. The dead skin falls off eventually. But it didn’t help. The pain is sometimes unbearable unless she takes the strong pain medicines. That helps the pain but she feels like sleeping all day and gets nauseous from it. Let’s not forget the side effects from the medicines. Diarrhea, vomiting and constipation. That all depends which medicine she uses that day. She is...

Back from Hospital

Cynthia was able to leave the hospital this morning at 6 am. They gave her some pain medications, HydroMorphone and a new one called Methadone, which is for long term pain control. The HydroMorphone is every 3 hours as needed and the Methadone is every 12 hours, no matter what. So now she is feeling much better. Tomorrow she has NEEDLE ASPIRATION BIOPSY at 10 then at 3 she has ECHOCARDIOGRAM. On Tuesday, she has the doctor appointment to start her new trial. Update will follow.


Hi this is Paul updating Cynthia’s blog. Chris came to visit for 10 days. Loved it!! Especially Cynthia as her only family here is myself and that hurts her that the family is so far away. No one else to go to, to share her feelings or for comfort. She could use the phone but its not the same as in person. The last time she wrote was to tell you about a new trial they wanted to start last week but it didn’t happen. We had asked to see a breast doctor, specifically an IBC doctor. We got an appointment with Dr Moulder, a breast oncologist and clinical trial doctor. She is the one who would of administered the new trial. We asked for an IBC doctor oh well. We went to the patient advocate to try to arrange a visit to the IBC doctor. Patient advocates are usually...

See Cardiopulmonary Doctor

This is Paul, yesterday, Wednesday, Cynthia went in for the blood draw, then at 8.45am she saw the cardiopulmonary doctor about the fluid in her left lung. After a brief discussion it was decided to drain the liquid from her left lung. I was allowed to be with her during this treatment. It was amazing how much came out. It was basically a 5 minute procedure although it took 30+ minutes to get ready for it, the 5 min procedure, the x-ray after to see it everything looked fine, then the all clear to leave. This all took almost 4 hours. After numbing her in the right spot, they stuck in a long needle, only about 1-1.5 inch went in, and then the liquid started to drain. I saw all this. It was draining into a big bowl and when they were done, it was 850ml of liquid. It...

Lymph Nodes Have Cancer

Friday I called Cynthia to see how she is doing. Her mother stays with her during her treatments. She told me the lymph node that was removed on Monday, came back postitive for IBC. They say all her lymph nodes are infected. They recommended she stay there for 2 more weeks to finish her hyperthermal chemo for the skin cancer. The lymph node that was removed was being tested to see what chemo regimens would work. But they also told her to start looking at other options at MD Anderson. We already have appointments for complete staging work in November but we may go there sooner. The only option there is a clinical trial, if she still qualifies. Next week we will see what the doctors say in Germany. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.