I’m Clean

I’M CLEAN….YES EVERYTHING IS OUT OF ME. The surgeon said that she got all the lymph nodes out and 3 were infected. They also took my second drain out and I got one left for next week. I will see the surgeon again in September. Tomorrow I see Dr Ibrahim my oncologist and he should tell me what his plan is so we can pack up and go HOME. I still have to hear about my genetic testing, but hope that I hear about it tomorrow. I’m so happy we all are.

Dry Skin Draft

Today is another great day. Chris and Paul went shopping and I’m relaxing here for tonight. We got free tickets to go to the rodeo tonight from Jim the owner of this resort. No I will not do any bull riding but will look on how it is done so I can give you instruction. I will take lots of pictures. I’m feeling great and tomorrow I will see the doctors again and Friday so more good news. A step closer to going home. The skin draft is all dry now. The drains are also going fine and soon to be taken out I think. Paul is still having a cold sore throat and cough, Poor him I think now he is getting everything. Must be from all the tension from me. I have to pamper him now. But I told him, keep it, don’t share it with me…. Thank you Svea for...

Pain Medication

Sitting in the hospital visiting Cynthia right now. She is doing good. They took her off the IV’s and that pain medication and started to give her pain pills every 6 hours as needed. I walked with her today for her daily exercise. Found out the real reason she is staying for 5 days is because of the wound VAC. This is like a suction device that sucks out the nasty liquids in the chest wall. They told her today she is either out on Saturday or Monday. We will see. Overall shes looking good.

Low Blood Pressure

Visited Cynthia today in the hospital. She is scheduled to stay for 5 days. Reason being is because the skin grafts are painful. She looked good. Pain with some meds = happy face! lol  She can push the pain med button once every 10 minutes. Blood pressure is low though so they may take her off the pain med and give her pills instead. She did get to walk today and I helped her a couple times to get to the bathroom. Its kind of hard to move with all the IV’s stuck in you and the drains. The nurse thinks the drains will stay in for about 2 weeks. I will have to empty them when she comes home. Chris arrives on Sunday for a short visit.  We are looking forward to his visit. More tomorrow. Thanks so far from everyone for the prayers and thoughts!

Eardrum Fluid

Its been a long day. Cynthia went in to surgery happy and ready to get this over with. She didn’t seem nervous at all. Around 2 pm or so I talked to the surgeon and she told me everything went well. I talked to the doctor about her ears, and he said it all went well and he mentioned there was alot of fluid built up in back of the eardrum. That’s why she was having a hard time to hear. Then at 4.30 pm I talked to the plastic surgeon. They did not take any skin from the back as he said. Instead he took it from her left hip and it worked out fine. I saw her around 5.15 and she was awake and crying. Not sad, but happy that it was over with. She is now on the road to recovery and counting the days we can go home. We will have more talks with these doctors...