Home Sweet Home

Woke up at 7:00 and made tea and coffee. I just can’t believe it, I’m going home today. Paul is already to go and I still need to shower. Paul is making me breakfast. It’s very sunny here and I take the sun with me to Norway. I will update more when I get home. HOME SWEET HOME

Plastic Surgeon

Today I see the plastic surgeon for a check up. Everything is looking great. Paul and I are packed and ready to go home to Norway. Two more days in sunny 80F/28C Houston. I will miss the sun and nice people that are around us. I will see you again in September. The doctors made new appointments for 13 and 15 Sept.

BRCA 1 and BRCA2 Negative

My genetic results are back and I am negative for both BRCA 1 and BRCA2. Isn’t this great. No testing for the kids and family. Now I wonder did I get this from living in Scheveningen from all the pollution or the extra radio waves that was around me or is it from the foods I consumed. Or did I get this in Norway??? Or could it be when people call me on the phone and I keep the phone under my bra strap so I can walk around and use my hands for iron or cooking. What ever it is I am clean now.

Great Weekend

I’m doing well. We had a great weekend with Jeannette and her kids, Mary and her daughter. Paul cooked and we had BBQ hamburgers. He is so great. Chris had a special time with the girls and he wishes that he could stay longer. But tomorrow his time is up in Texas, and he is going back to The Netherlands. I will miss him but this gives me time to pack my things and get ready for Norway. I still have one drain but will call tomorrow to see if they can take it out soon. Paul is also doing fine and looking forward to get back to work.

Stay Healthy

Dr Ibrahim said ( GO HOME AND I’LL SEE YOU IN 6 MONTHS AGAIN AND STAY HEALTHY AND EAT ALL GOOD FOODS AND ENJOY ) He then hugged me and wished me all the best. What a day, we are all so happy and are now waiting for my other drain to come out and then make plans to come home. Thank you everyone for making me happy and I couldn’t of done it without you all. Especially my husband, children, my parents and my second American family in Texas. ( gown lady’s (from the US) )