Bone Scan Bottles

Howdy all, Tomorrow I have some testing done and hope all is fine. Time Appointments for 5/5/2011 9:45 AM BLOOD/SPECIMEN COLLECTION 10:30 AM CHEST, PA & LAT 12:00 PM BONE SCAN-DOSE 2:00 PM BONE SCAN-EXAM 3:40 PM CHECK-IN / PREP FOR CT EXAM 5:40 PM CT SCAN, CHEST/ABDOMEN/PELVIS Another long day but for the best. I also have to drink that contrast for the bone scan 2 bottles yuck yuck… I will talk to you on Friday and let you know the plan in...

Red Skin

Hi everyone. Well where to start. After my surgery I had a red area under the surgical area and thought, OK, must be part of the healing process. But after a couple weeks, it started to have some bumps. So I went to see the oncologists about my port and the bumps (kind of like pimple size). He said I should keep the port in for a few more months as it doesn’t hurt. I only needed to get it flushed every month. OK. Then I showed him my red skin with the bumps and he looked concerned. He called another oncologist for his opinion and after looking, he says this doesn’t look good. So I was scheduled for a biopsy. The results were that the cancer is still there and it looks like its spreading some more. So Paul booked another flight to Houston for me so I...


Saturday we did some shopping. And at 15:30 I left to go to Elke’s house and we went to the international school they had a international food tasting going on. Food was great I had some Indonesian dish and Spanish food and Italian dessert Oh yes and a Dutch cookie. Yummy. The food tickets that were leftover you could use for a drawing that was sponsored by the kids and teachers. They had some nice baskets full of nice things. I put my tickets in several boxes and I won a big basket with gardening stuff. It was so much fun. I stayed at Elke’s house for coffee and got home around 21:00 Sunday we had dinner guest over and I cooked Soto soup Indonesian and pasteitjes also Indonesian that I learned it from my mother. It was a great day yesterday and...

MRSA Bacteria

I’m doing great and getting back in my daily routine. You know how that is laundry and cooking and so on. I am loving it. Next week I have a appointment with my new house Dr and then I have to get a referral for fisio and he also need to check me for MRSA bacteria. The 6th I see my old oncology and he will have to set up more appointments for my port to be taken out and so on. I talked to the surgeon Dr Søiland and he wants to see me sometime in May. Paul started working today and he is loving it. He ask me if I wanted tea in bed but that was at 6:30 this morning. I said thanks but I fell asleep and woke up at 10:00 I know It’s late. Blame it on jet lag. The weather here is nice and sunny but cold.

Ready for Spring

We made it home safe. It was a long flight. Elke, Inga and Astrid came to pick us up. the German Lady’s group gave us a nice welcome back gift. Flowers in a nice box that made me think of spring time. I’m ready for spring but the weather here in Norway is very cold 30F/-1C. Abby our dog is also doing fine and more deaf,lol Elke and her family took good care of her. Thanks It’s time for me to go to bed now. 22:30 I did well to stay awake. Good night and thank you for your prayers and sweet thoughts.