Prep for CT Scan

Just got home from the hospital. Radiation a visit with the radiologists and acupuncture and rehab done. It is always a long day there. Tomorrow the same long day. Radiation, Prep for CT scan blood taking, port flush, and then the CT scan for my chest, abdomen, and pelvis. So we will be there from 9:00- 15:00 if they are on time. Here is my address: C Harrington 11991 S. Main street Houston, Texas 77025  

Radiation Place Meeting

Yesterday we had a very nice lunch with 16 people at the Hungry restaurant. We all meet at the radiation place in the morning so they become a little like a family to you. We all share experiences and cry together. When you get your last treatment of radiation then you can ring the bell and people take pictures that is so nice to hear the bell ringing in the morning. Another person done. Happiness for them and we all cry. Next week Wednesday we are going again to meet all the lady’s at the restaurant. Tomorrow a long day at the hospital and Friday more testing and CT scans. So far our bill is from Oct – Dec 150.000 dollars and I still need my operation. I’m glad that the insurance pick up the bill for 90% and hopefully Tricare picks up the other...

Lunch at the Park

Paul and I are going to a park for a walk and they also have alligators there. I made some sandwiches for us so we can have a nice lunch at the park. The weather here is great and sunny. But at night it’s cold like in the 50s F. But it’s nothing like what is in Europe, Brr To cold for me. Have a nice weekend and hugs from Houston,TX

Acupuncture Treatment

I’m at the hospital right now. Got my radiation this morning and my acupuncture done. Waiting for my rehab right now for my left arm. We also had a nice lunch here in the cafeteria. My new years is starting good. I’m feeling better. Still waiting for the doctors to operate on me. Two more week to go for me to see the surgeon. I also get more testing done before I see the surgeon. I will write more later when I get my results.

Happy and Healthy New Year

Almost New Year!!! For Christopher 1 more hours and for Melanie 2 Hours before New Years. For us 9 hours to go. I Hope that everyone have a Happy and Healthy New Year and that we see everyone soon. It’s sunny here in Houston. 76 F. Paul and I are doing fine. Wish we could be home. Have fun in Sirdal wish I was there with you. Give Abby and the rest a big hug from us. Thanks for the nice wishes.