About Cynthia

Cynthia was a beautiful wonderful woman that really enjoyed life and her family. Cynthia was my wife of 31 years. The mother of our kids. My best friend and lover. I was her first boyfriend. We were one together. She knew and I knew what each other were thinking. It was so funny at times when we would start to say the same thing. She showed me how to love and respect everything and everyone. She never had a negative thing to say.

She supported me during my military career, always moving and adapting to each location.  It was her determination who kept me in the Army as I wanted to leave a few times.  She knew how important it was that I finish my military service. She was very family oriented and nothing came before her family.

Cynthia was a person who liked to help people and animals.  She believed she had the power to heal through her hands and prayers. I asked her how she did this and she just pointed up. She believed He gave her that gift. She called it Reiki. She studied Reiki and helped lots of people even strangers. She asked nothing in return. She was happy to just help them feel better.

Cynthia had many talents. She volunteered for all schools that our twins went to. It gave her pleasure to do something for communities to which we belonged. She participated with arts and crafts projects with other wives from our military communities. She led fundraising activities using her knowledge of crafts to help raise money for different school projects.

She had 2 jobs that she worked, first as a frame shop manager, and the other a car rental station manager. Both jobs, she had no experience with but excelled at. She could do anything she wanted to.

She was my teacher and she wasn’t done teaching me. It’s not fair. She told me everything happens for a reason. She strongly believed that. Even to the end. I still don’t know the reason why she had to die. I miss her!!